Дискусия с представителя на МВФ

Recent IMF Programs in Europe

Tonny Lybek

IMF's representative in Romania and Bulgaria

Tonny Lybek, a Danish citizen, is the IMF's representative in Romania and Bulgaria since March 31, 2009. He joined the IMF in 1992, where he has worked on a broad range of issues, among others, monetary policy, banking supervision, payment systems, central bank legislation and published papers on central bank governance. In the IMF, he has worked in the Fiscal Affairs Department (1992-93), European II Department (1993-94), Monetary and Capital Markets Department (MCM: 1994-2007), and European Department (2007- ). During his previous assignments, he has worked on countries in the region (e.g., Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania). As Mission Chief in MCM, he worked on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, and the Kyrgyz Republic. In 1986, he graduated from Århus University in Denmark. After teaching for a year, he worked in the Danish Central Bank (Danmarks Nationalbank) for five years, mainly on international reserve management and monetary policy.