Discussion "Fiscal multiplicators: global and national perspective", November 27th 2012


Discussion "The evolution of the Eurozone, including banking union", October 31st 2012


Discussion "Global crisis, financial markets and risks", July 2nd 2012


Lecture of Ajai Chopra  "Situation in the Eurozone: Overview of 3 program countries with particular focus on Ireland", May 8th 2012

(presentation in pdf)


Annual conference of BMA 2012, April 22nd 2012


Seminar about seasonal adjustment, January 17th 2012

Discussion about Greece, July 19th 2011


Annual conference and General Meeting of BMA, April 9th 2011

Study seminar, January 24th 2011


Whither growth in central and eastern Europe?, December 06, 2010 

Discussion about Budget 2011, October 27th 2010


Discussion about ERMII and the fiscal policy, July 16th 2010


Discussion about the idea of creating a Committee about dating of the business cycle, May 17th 2010

7th annual conference and General Meeting of BMA, March 27th 2010


Lecture of Thomas Wieser (President of EFC) about the financial crisis


Discussion about the idea for modificated currency board, November 9th 2009


Discussion with the chairdman of the IMF, July 7th 2009

6th annual meeting and General Meeting of BMA, March 28th 2009


Discussion about the financial crisis, January 21st 2009


Annual conference of BMA, March 29th 2008